Learning to play drums

You need to have three things to learn how to play drums when taking drum lessons in Cape Town. These three things are passion, money and time. You need some specific amount of money to purchase drum kits and to get lessons. You need passion so that you stay focused and you also need a lot of practice. Main problem that many drummers face is knowing where to start. You will want to progress and move forward as fast and quickly as you can still need to learn basics inside out. Three main steps to learn drums quickly are Holding drumstick, learning rudiments, walking beat

Holding the drumstick

This first step is really important. You should know to hold the drumsticks in both matched grip and traditional grip. This will be essential if you are interested in showmanship drumming such as back sticking and stick twiris and will also serve as foundation to learn techniques. You should make sure that you are evenly practicing both grips. It may be more comfortable using just one so it may be hard at first. 

Learning Drum Rudiments

One of the most important part of playing is learning drum rudiments. It may be possible for you to play a beat but if you don’t know the rudiments then your drumming ability will be very limited and low. Practice a different rudiment almost everyday and only move onto the next when that first one has been mastered and become strong with both grips.

Learning a Walking Beat

A walking beat is the standard 4/4 (common time) beat that you will hear in usually every style of music. This beat is the backbone of all drum beats, learn this one and all the others will soon follow. It’s important to practice this beat slowly at first as if you rush it your metronome might be slightly off. Remember to always take your time to learn and practice drums properly.

Without practice you will never learn how to play the drums. You should try and practice for half an hour everyday without fail. More would be a bonus and great for you. Try to get in the mindset of a drummer, when you listen to music try to decipher the beats that are used. Have a more open mind when it comes to music, even if you don’t like the songs a certain band could be playing you might like the drummer.

The drum is not only a cool instrument. It is an indispensable segment to the fancied sound of a specific band. Therefore, drum players should be adroit on the best way to play drum ought to know it like the back of their hands – before they can play with a band. In popular society, drum is famous in overwhelming metal and shake music. Without drums and guitars, a stone band will sound dry and impartial. Hence, inclining how to play drum is not only for children having excellent musical slants. Grown-ups who are fans of the instrument can likewise figure out how to play drums for recreation and the incidental exhibitions to companions.

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Learning How To Play Guitar With Guitar Lessons in Cape Town

Guitar is among the oldest and most played musical instrument for various obvious reasons in Cape Town. It can produce a wide variety of tones and is perfect for all music genres. Every kind of music goes well with a guitar which is why many people spend money in learning to play the guitar from a beginner to professional level. One common question people ask is how long does it take to learn how to play a guitar? This has no definite answer as many factors influence how one person learns. Others think it only takes talent to learn the guitar and that lessons won’t help. While it is true that talent makes a couple of things easier, guitar learning requires way more than that. One who practices diligently and spends enough time mastering the new taught finger moves will become a professional quicker than a lazy talented person. So how do you learn to become a professional from the beginning stage? Here are a few insights to help you answer the question:

Always remember to practice regularly

Learning how to play a guitarLearning how to play a guitar in Cape Town is essentially an endless process as your gain new insights and moves every time you get a hold of the musical instrument. You never know all you can achieve with a guitar and new days bring new things. It is all about learning new finger movements and styles. You will be required to strengthen various hand muscles and learn precise, well-coordinated hand and finger movements. One funny thing about guitar lessons in Cape Town is that you must improve the memory of your hand muscle in order to learn movements and progress at playing guitar. The only way to move from the beginner to professional level is through regular practice. The more time you spend practicing taught moves, the quicker you become a professional at playing those various styles.

Divide your practice into sections

As aforementioned, it is difficult to state exactly how long it takes to lean how to play a guitar. However, time frames can be put for learning specific areas of the learning process and it is very important to do so. It does not only make things easy but also allows you to monitor your progress. A quintessential time frame schedule for training looks as follows;
• 1-2 months – Learning to play easy songs like strumming a few chords, single-string-plucking and playing songs with limited string jumping. Chord arpeggios can also be learnt at this stage.
• 3-6 months – Here, you will be playing slightly difficult songs which characterize more technical elements like easy hammer-ons and pull-offs.
• 1 year – This level involves playing intermediate difficulty songs including popular guitar songs. Many learners at this level have a definitive feel about bare chords and prefer more blues and riffs among popular songs.
• 2 years – This is already a pro stage as you have learnt most technical elements of guitar playing. In 2 years, you should be able to play several guitar songs. Of course you must practice before playing although this takes a very short time and no effort as you know what is needed.
• 2-3 years – At three years, it should be a full blown professional level where you can begin to improvise your guitar (for those who learnt guitar theory).
• 5-6 years – This is the professional stage where you can do whatever you want with the guitar as you have knowledge of all the elements. You can call yourself advanced or professional guitarist.
• 10 years – At 10 years, you star exploring more guitars and identify differences between them. You will probably start feeling that you do not know many things yet and your guitar collection will increase each year.

beginner learning how to play guitar chords in Cape Town

After ten years of playing a guitar, you will be hooked on entertaining your friends and family all the time. Learning to play guitar to worship is pretty important as you need an instrument to do that. There is a bible college in Cape Town where they teach you how to worship in spirit and truth so having a guitar once you’ve been on one of their courses will come in very handy.You will also find 2-3 guitars you love most. Learning to play guitar from a beginner to professional level is not a hard feat to achieve. Within 2 years, you should have mastered enough technical skills and techniques to entertain a guitar-loving crowd.


There are several factors involved in learning the guitar. Some people are talented and will quickly get hooked to playing different tunes. Those who practice regularly also have ease learning. Others have a difficult time remembering the guitar elements and hand movements required. The most important things when learning to play guitar from a beginner to professional are focus, practice and determination. Make guitar playing and practicing your hobby. You can always take classes or even purchase training DVDs to learn on your own.

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