Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons For Beginners in Cape Town

Want to learn how to play guitar like a true professional? Well now you can.

Playing the guitar is allot easier than you think. It’s like learning to play tennis or riding a bicycle. With allot of practice and dedication you will be able to play quite quickly actually. It all depends how fast you learn and how much you want to play the guitar.

The way I find to play the guitar if you’re just starting off is to get the tabs of a song you really like. This keeps you motivated when you just can’t get a certain cord right or when you struggle to strum with a certain beat. Also remember when you are learning basic guitar cords your fingers are really going to hurt in the beginning and metal on the guitar strings harden the skin on your fingertips. The pain goes away after a while and it becomes easier.

guitar lessons for beginners cape town

If you are a novice guitar player and want to learn how to play like a pro click here